Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Family of Five

Things at home are going along as usual.

Ava is growing and changing. She's not looking as much like a newborn. She smiles a lot, with the cutest little twinkle in her eye like we have a special connection that only we understand. Things with her CF concerns are at a stand-still right now. The pulmonary specialist has ordered another sweat test for her at six months that will hopefully determine a diagnosis that we can work with. She seems perfectly healthy. No breathing concerns. The only thing we've been dealing with is crazy eczema that is stubborn and persistant.

Jaime is growing up like crazy. She's becoming more mature and aware of everything around her. She asks insightful questions and offers well-thought-out (yet extremely kid-like) solutions to life problems. Lately, I've been the most shocked to see how she is noticing things about what I'm going through. A few days ago she could tell I was at the end of my rope as I tried to get them ready for bed on my own while Daddy was on a business trip. As she listened to me struggle with a very uncooperative Vida, she said, "Mom, I'm sorry it's hard to stay patient with Vida." I was just blown away that she'd notice that and feel empathy for me. That's Jaime through and through - thoughtful, deep thinking, kind and helpful. Not that she doesn't have her more difficult moments, but I'm really proud of the sweet little girl she's working hard to become.

Vida is...well Vida is two years old. I'm learning a lot about her lately. For instance, I've learned that she seems to prefer playing on her own and can play for long periods of time on her own if Jaime is distracted. She also tends to live her life demonstrating little emotion, but it isn't far under the surface and will present itself sporadically (hmm...sounds like one of her parents...). We've also discovered that she seems to have some kind of blood sugar issue (like her other parent...). If she doesn't eat regularly she cannot stay calm and rational. She can go from 'the world is ending' to 'hey, what's up?' with just a few bites. Helpful thing to know. She still has nudity issues. Justin came home from work the other day and she was stark naked. Eh.

Justin is working hard at his job and calling. He has been traveling tons this year, but that might be changing to less so soon with a promotion this month. He'll be managing the team he's currently on. I'm so proud of him! I've really enjoyed watching him grow in his career and learn a lot about the business world. He'll be learning new skills like hiring, training, managing, encouraging, and setting goals for other people.

I'm...well, I'm kind of a crazy person right now. I work hard, try even harder, and then try and assure myself it's okay that it's not all done. I care for three kids, attempt to manage a home, cook meals, and get in a couple hours of work everyday. The kind of stress in my daily life is something I'm not well equipped to handle, so I'm trying to develop coping mechanisms and Justin is trying to be a support to me. We're working on it.

Well, that is what's going on with each of us! We love you all and hope you are doing well!


Lynne said...

That was a lovely journal entry Jodi! Thank you so much for sharing. I love sharing these moments with you.

Meghan said...

Your girls are darling! I can tell Vida has got some spunk :) Glad things with Ava are going well - it was good to see you last month. Sorry things were so crazy over there!