Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Recap

February was an interesting month to say the least. It's been two months since Ava was born, and in those two months Justin has gone on 3 business trips, we've had 4 weeks of visitors (not all in a row), a baby blessing, remodeled two bedrooms, took a day trip to Saint George, dealt with unexpected medical concerns, began a healthy living challenge with Justin's family, and I started working a part-time job from home.

Working from home has taken it's toll on my time. I haven't taken as many pictures, and definitely haven't cleaned the house as well as I usually do. Luckily, we've got plenty of freezer meals to deal with the lack of cooking. I get the work done during Vida's nap or after Justin gets home from work. So far, I love the change of pace to complete a couple hours of job-work each day, and haven't decided if it's too much for me or not. We shall see. I'm entering my 5th week this week and it's going pretty well so far.

This month, we had my sister and her son here for a week, then my mom the week after that. It was fun to introduce Ava to members of my family and see the love they already have for her.

I've received so much support from family and friends since Ava was born, which has made our transition to a family of 5, along with all the additional stresses and concerns we've had, much easier to bare.

The girls are still loving taking care of Ava with me. Everyone keeps asking me how the girls are doing with the new baby. The truth is that they LOVE the baby, but wish I had more time and hands available for them. One day recently Jaime followed me around for at least a half an hour with a brush and hair tie in her hand, asking me to do her hair. I kept saying, "sorry Jaime! I don't have enough hands!" while I took care of the baby, or helped Vida, or got people food, etc. The wheels were turning in her head, I could see them. She looked up at me and said, "Mom, if you had 3 hands, then you could do it!" Oh Jaime, I couldn't agree more.

Jaime is so inquisitive and sharp. She constantly talks to me about the things she wonders about, or things she's thought of solutions to. She's still obsessed with how cute Ava is. She'll randomly say "Ava is SOOO cute!" "How come we weren't as cute as Ava?" "We should have more babies if they'll be as cute as Ava!" I've adored watching her sisterly love blossom for her newest sibling. She's really been very patient with the changes that have come.

Vida has had a bit of a harder time. I suppose it's hard to be pushed out of being the baby of the family. She's constantly asking me to hold her, especially when I have arms full of baby. She does love Ava, and doesn't seem to resent her at all, it's just that she too wishes I had an extra hand or two, and an extra lap for good measure.
The photo on the right is of Vida pretending to be a kitty, eating out of a bowl on the floor.

It's been a learning month. One full of time constraints and stress, and also full of stretching myself to do more, be better, and appreciate more fully what I have. I mean, who could complain?

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Liz said...

Wow! You sure get a lot of visitors. I'm partially jealous and partially not. That third hand is a great idea. You will find the balance that works for you. :)